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Our Job Work

We are well conversant services with the following type of works like:

  • Rapid /Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  • Environmental Audit Statement, Disaster / Risk Assessment
  • Designing of Effluent Treatment Plant for any type of waste water Treatment
  • Designing of Air Pollution Control Systems for any type of air pollutants
  • Designing, Manufacturing & Installation on water / Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Designing, Manufacturing & Installation on Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Design, Manufacturing & Installation of Air Pollution Control Systems
  • Environmental / Disaster Management Plan
  • Operation & Maintenance of Effluent / Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Color Removal of  Paper, M.D.F.  &  Dyeing Unit's Effluent
  • Compact Mechanical Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Compact Mechanical Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Noise Pollution Control System
  • Zero Effluent / Effluent reduction from  industries
  • Water softening & Odor treatment
  • Factory Evaluation
  • Waste Minimization Concepts
  • Rain  Water  Harvesting  Systems
  • Imported  chemicals  for  effluent  treatment

Product Array

Being engaged as an India's leading company in fabricating different models of Effluent Treatment Plant and a variegated range of Pollution Control Systems which are designed in a way that meets the today's challenges and overcomes the technological and functional flaws, we have become a national leader in our business segments. We are offering of Pollution Control Devices, Filtration Systems, Etc. Our entire product line is in house fabricated under the expert supervision of of our experienced production team. Our range of effluent treatment plants is gaining ground because of structural mobility & compactness, efficiency and sustainability. Our comprehensive product catalog comprises: 

  • Sewage Treatment Plant
    • F.A.B. Reactor/M.B.Reactor / S.B.Reactor
    • M.B.B.R. Reactor / S.A.F.F. Reactor
    • Activated Sludge Process
  • Effluent / Waste Water Treatment Plant
    • Effluent Treatment Plant Chemical Precipitation based
    • Effluent Treatment Plant Biological Treatment  based
  • Air Pollution Control System
    • Cyclone/ Multicyclone/ Wetscrubber/ E.S.P./Bag Filter
  • Water Treatment Plant
    • Dissolved Aeration Floatation & Filtration Unit (D.A.F.F.)
  • Filtration Unit
    • Pressure  Sand Filter / Activated Carbon Filter
    • Dual Media Filter / Multi  Media Filter
  • Industrial Evaporators
  • Surface Aerator
  • Scrapper  for  Clarifier
  • Imported  Chemicals  for  waste  water / Effluent  Treatment
  • Zero  Discharge  consultancy
  • Rain  Water  Harvesting  Systems

Product Features

  • Competitive market prices
  • Extended  serving  life
  • Highly durable
  • Multifarious applications
  • Optimum performance
  • Robust structure
  • User friendly


With teams of proficient employees and a leading position in Indian markets, the company designs, fabricates and supports ingenious effluent treatment plant for institutional and commercial markets. We with large professional and competent work force, have become specialized manufacturer of effluent treatment plant that is far more better in terms of efficiency to eliminate effluent water problems. We are supported by a proficient team of environment and mechanical engineers and technical staff, who are instrumental in fulfilling the need of effluent treatment of clientele. We leverage our experience and skill to deliver high-performance plants and knuckle down to task of removing the any possibility set backs. Our team is trained for operating all sophisticated machinery and coordinates with different departments for coming up with high-technology plants.

Our Wide Clientele Comprises:

  • Wave  Group  of  Industries (Chadha  Group)
  • Arvind  Mills  Ltd.
  • Samsung 
  • Rane  (Madras) Ltd.
  • Spicer  India (Anand  Group)
  • Fusion  Electronics
  • GIEX  Foods  (ETA  Group)
  • Greenply  Industries  Ltd.
  • Archidply  Industries  Ltd.
  • Rushil  Decor  Ltd.
  • Sree Ram  Chandra  Straw  Products  Ltd.
  • Shakumbhri  Straw  Products  Ltd.
  • Rama  Papers  Ltd.
  • Chadha  Papers  Ltd.
  • R.S.B. Transmission Pvt.  Ltd.
  • Raunaq  Automotive  Components
  • Madhu  India  Ltd.
  • Pashupati  Polytex
  • Pashupati  Laminators
  • Taj  Dairy Pvt.  Ltd., etc.
Why Us?
  • World class facilities
  • Ethical business policy
  • Competent personnel
  • Industry leading price
  • Worldwide network
  • On time delivery schedule
  • Maintenance  Free  plants
  • Easy to operate our  treatment  plants
  • Low running cost
  • Zero discharge

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