Providing classic range of Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plants, and Pollution Control Devices.

About Us

Constrarch Enviro is a well established organization, acknowledged for its specialization in the domain of water purification, sewage treatment & effluent treatment. We have been catering to innumerable industries such as Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF), Paper, Pulp &  Paper, Sugar, Food Processing, Fertilizers, Slaughter Houses, Plastic Card Boards (PCB), Hospitals, Annealing / Pickeling / Phosphating / Electroplating / Hotels, Restaurants, School / College, Dairy, Dyeing  Units etc. The company has emerged to be the national market leader in its functional segment and featured many paeans for its expertise in designing and fabricating Sewage treatment plant in simple construction for bringing on the optimum treatment of sewage purification. Since its establishment in 1995, the company has been building on its strength and expertise as a dependable Manufacturer, Fabricator, Exporter, Service Provider and Supplier of Sewage treatment plant, residential s
ewage treatment plant, Turnkey Wastewater Treatment Plant, Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant as well as a wide-ranging products cover Air pollution Control Systems, Filtration Units and Effluent Treatment Plant which stand at forefront of national and international markets in terms of commercial values and profit.

As a quality-sensitive company, Constrarch Enviro has developed a culture of "Total Quality Control" ensured in every stage of fabrication. With such approach, we promise our customers for advantages, qualities and price/cost which face off with not only Indian standard but also global benchmark. Our well devised strategy underpins the principle of excellence and technological advance in order to better the technology of Sewage treatment plant which desirable efficiency in performance and satisfactory ease in operation. On account of our skill and perseverance, we earn a repute as a company that is reliable and innovative in solving the problems related to sewage treatment and pave the way to serve the clients best. Thereby we do business with clients like Arvind Mills Ltd., Fusion  Electronics, GIEX Foods  Ltd., Greenply Industries Ltd., India Glycol Ltd, Rushil Decor Ltd., Samsung India Ltd., Wave Group of Industries. We encourage our workforce to embody value and competence besides evolving the advanced infrastructure which enable us to get our desired targets.

Quality Assurance

We have been shaping the technology for Effluent Treatment Plant that can offer optimal treatment of effluent, not only meeting Municipal purposes but also efficiently catering to the need of Large-scale Industry. Our product array encompasses Pollution Control Devices, Filtration Systems, Wastewater Treatment Plant that function in line with standards set down by Pollution Control Board as well as complying with norms laid down by environment regulatory body. The consumption of energy and chemical by our effluent treatment plant is minimally less. The remarkable growth and success of the company is attributed to our commitment to high quality & pledge to ethical & fair business practices. Fabrication of Effluent Treatment Plant is thoroughly analyzed not only to ensure the structural design overcoming existing shortcomings but also to enhance the performance optimality. Besides that we mover over to the cutting edge technology for responding to institutional demands. 

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